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Issues with IntelliJ IDEA 9 M1 (Maia) in Linux and OSX (build #10372)

IntelliJ 9 (codenamed Maia) looks promising with lots and lots of great features. There seems to be an endless list of newly supported technologies, tweaks, and usability features. Maia has been superb in Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Unfortunately, my Ubuntu 9.04 desktop is an entirely different story. A big feature of Maia that I’m looking… Read More »

Saving app data with the iPhone SDK and Cocoa is easy with NSUserDefaults

A quick look at NSUserDefaults suggests saving app data with Cocoa and the iPhone SDK is easy. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to use it so there might be some gotchas. To store nonsensitive data using NSUserDefaults is as easy as a couple of lines of code: [objc] NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];… Read More »

Unexpected error 0xE800003A application verification failed

I’ve been spending time lately learning to use Objective-C and the iPhone API.  While trying to deploy a sample iPhone app through Xcode, I ran into a pesky error message. Your mobile device has encountered an unexpected error (0xE800003A) during the install. Application verification failed. Configuring Xcode is a quick and easy two step process… Read More »