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Redirect root directory to a subdirectory using .htaccess

Every so often I need to redirect from the root directory to The first thing I try is always something like: [text] # This does not work RedirectMatch permanent / /blah [/text] This ends up not working with Firefox reporting “the page isn’t redirecting properly”. I guess the server gets confused and redirects… Read More »

Easily convert existing combobox to autocomplete with Ext JS

I’m impressed with at least one feature of Ext JS. If you want to convert an already existing select to an autocomplete-enabled combobox/textbox, it’s ridiculously easy. Given this combobox: [html] <select id="number" name="number"> <option/> <option value="1">ONE</option> <option value="2">TWO</option> <option value="3">THREE</option> <option value="4">FOUR</option> <option value="5">FIVE</option> <option value="6">SIX</option> </select> [/html] To convert this select box into an… Read More »