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Using Xcode and Guard Malloc should be easier than this.. could not load inserted library: libgmalloc.dylib

After running into a nasty (read: can’t figure it the problem) EXC_BAD_ACCESS error I turned to guard malloc. Enabling guard malloc in Xcode is deceptively simple: Run > Enable Guard Malloc. Done. Easy right? It would be, and I believe it is supposed to be this simple. Of course when I run the app in… Read More »

Compiling MGTwitterEngine for the iPhone using Xcode

Surprisingly there are not a lot of options for Objective-C Twitter libraries. In fact there are exactly two options: MGTwitterEngine and Canary (which is actually a “full-fledged client”). The choice looks clear, use MGTwitterEngine or deal with XML directly (yuck!). MGTwitterEngine does not implement the entire Twitter API but it does implement the most important… Read More »

Saving app data with the iPhone SDK and Cocoa is easy with NSUserDefaults

A quick look at NSUserDefaults suggests saving app data with Cocoa and the iPhone SDK is easy. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to use it so there might be some gotchas. To store nonsensitive data using NSUserDefaults is as easy as a couple of lines of code: [objc] NSUserDefaults *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];… Read More »

How to: HTTP POST and Google’s ClientLogin using Objective-C and the iPhone SDK

PLEASE NOTE (2009-08-12): You probably do not want to use this method (though it’s great for learning). A much better solution is to use the gdata-objectivec-client. Example code on using that library can be found in one of my projects hosted on github. I’ve been working on an iPhone app that uses one of Google’s… Read More »

Unexpected error 0xE800003A application verification failed

I’ve been spending time lately learning to use Objective-C and the iPhone API.  While trying to deploy a sample iPhone app through Xcode, I ran into a pesky error message. Your mobile device has encountered an unexpected error (0xE800003A) during the install. Application verification failed. Configuring Xcode is a quick and easy two step process… Read More »