Batman logo made with tetromino shapes (Tetris blocks)

By | February 14, 2015

My lovely wife signed me up for Lootcrate for Christmas. In the latest was a set of 147 tetromino shaped stickers from Tetris. I wasn’t satisfied with just using my name (the set comes with a design book on how to make the entire alphabet). So instead, I went with the Dark Knight’s logo made with tetrominoes on my laptop. Here’s the process i went through to create it. This sticker set can be found on Amazon for under $6.

TL;DR: I used Gimp to take an existing Batman logo and converted it to Tetrominoes which resulted in this final design:

Batman logo made with tetris blocks

The final laptop product ended up looking like this:

Batman logo made with Tetris blocks

The entire Gimp process was time consuming but it was really necessary so that I didn’t run out of pieces (I ended up using virtually the entire 147 sticker package).

The first thing I did was find an existing image I liked. I removed the parts I wasn’t interested in (text for example) and blew up the image to the right size for my laptop. Next I ran the image through the pixelize filter and set the pixel sizes to the size of the individual tetromino block (this size is .1875″ x .1875″). A 2 x 2 square is made up of 4 of these little blocks for a total size of 0.375″ x 0.375x; similar calculations for the other tetromino shapes. After being satisified with the pixelized results, I overlayed the design grid with the same exact proportions: .1875″ x .1875″.

I created a custom Gimp brush for each of the tetromino shapes; which you can download here to design your own designs before applying the stickers:

Tetris Z Gimp Brush

Tetris T Gimp Brush

Tetris L Brush #1

Tetris L Gimp Brush #2

Tetris Square Gimp Brush

Tetris S Gimp Brush

Tetris Line Gimp Brush

Tetris Single Block Gimp Brush (doesn’t actually exist but useful for creating the other brushes)

I worked left to right. Since this particular image is symmetrical, I knew I could take simply copy the left portion of the image and flip it horizontally. the two L blocks and the S and Z blocks are mirror images of each other so I swappd the colors of Ls with each other and swapped the colors of the L and S shapes with each other. I used the color selector here but other techniques would work.

IMPORTANT: Perhaps the most critical step of them all is to make sure you have enough pieces. The package of stickers comes with 147 tetromino blocks for a total of 21 of each shape. So, make sure you use the color selector and count the number of each block and make sure you do not exceed 21 blocks. If you do, modify your design to make it all work. In my case, I ran out of straight 4 x 1 lines and T shapes.

Finally, apply your stickers and enjoy!

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