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Batman logo made with tetromino shapes (Tetris blocks)

My lovely wife signed me up for Lootcrate for Christmas. In the latest was a set of 147 tetromino shaped stickers from Tetris. I wasn’t satisfied with just using my name (the set comes with a design book on how to make the entire alphabet). So instead, I went with the Dark Knight’s logo made with tetrominoes on my laptop. Here’s the process i went through to create it. This sticker set can be found on Amazon for under $6.

TL;DR: I used Gimp to take an existing Batman logo and converted it to Tetrominoes which resulted in this final design:

Batman logo made with tetris blocks

The final laptop product ended up looking like this:

Batman logo made with Tetris blocks

The entire Gimp process was time consuming but it was really necessary so that I didn’t run out of pieces (I ended up using virtually the entire 147 sticker package).

The first thing I did was find an existing image I liked. I removed the parts I wasn’t interested in (text for example) and blew up the image to the right size for my laptop. Next I ran the image through the pixelize filter and set the pixel sizes to the size of the individual tetromino block (this size is .1875″ x .1875″). A 2 x 2 square is made up of 4 of these little blocks for a total size of 0.375″ x 0.375x; similar calculations for the other tetromino shapes. After being satisified with the pixelized results, I overlayed the design grid with the same exact proportions: .1875″ x .1875″.

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