Google Wave on the iPhone

By | October 16, 2009

By default the Google Wave interface in Firefox on a PC has a lot of thrown at you. I was curious how the service looked on a small device, in this case, an iPhone.

First thing out the gate was not reassuring. Yes, it’s a dreaded “unsupported browser” message:

From Google Wave on the iPhone

Of course there’s no fun in stopping there, I had to go further down the rabbits hole by telling Google I wanted to proceed anyhow.

From Google Wave on the iPhone

Yup, it’s a listing of waves in a webpage clearly designed for a mobile device. In this case, a listing of waves in my inbox.

Naturally I had to take a look at how a wave is displayed.

From Google Wave on the iPhone

More screenshots can be found in my Picasa web album cleverly titled “Google Wave on the iPhone“.

Overall it is clear a lot of effort has gone into making Google Wave work and display well inside of a browser.

Performance was another issue altogether. Despite visiting Google Wave on a wifi connection, the site dragged so bad it was effective unusable. On a second visit performance was quite a bit snappier. I shutter to think about the performance if I was to use 3G or even Edge.

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