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By | September 22, 2009


If you’ve ever found yourself having trouble keeping track of links posted by your Twitter friends, then there’s a new Twitter app that should be right up your alley.

The app? Readtwit.

It’s mission? Convert links posted by your Twitter friends into RSS feeds.

The setup

I just setup Readtwit about an hour ago and I’m already digging the ability to link it with my other RSS feeds in Google Reader. Now I can check out tweeted links on my own time. Best yet it’s free and the setup is super easy (it only takes like 3 steps).

Previously I had been keeping track of links that looked interesting by marking them as a favorite for later digesting. The problem with that approach: I always forgot to check out my favorites. With Readtwit I am hopeful that Twitter favorites become a thing of the past (at least one step closer).

Best yet, I can avoid missing links that are important to me, even when I take a Twitter holiday.

Blacklisting features

The first blacklisting feature lets you blacklist certain friends. I have already made use of this feature by blocking links that I know are time sensitive. For example I follow @amazondeals to get notification of Amazon’s lightning deals ( each deal expires in just hours).

The second blacklisting feature is to blacklist certain tags. Currently I don’t have a reason to use this feature, but I can see some uses for it.

Other features

While I haven’t had time to test this feature (it happens automatically), Readtwit has the ability remove duplicate links. I am curious how much time must pass before a link is no longer considered a duplicate.

Another feature to reverse shortened URLs. As you can imagine, followed by a bunch of jibberish doesn’t help me much in determining what items in my RSS feed is worth reading and what is rubbish.

My wishlist

I think it would be useful to continue with the blacklisting theme and blacklist anything from specific URLs, tweets with certain words (most people don’t use hashtags religiously or at all), and blacklist URLs with specific words in the linked article.

Readtwit does not have any features for whitelisting. That’s unfortunate. If I only wanted a small subset of my friends tweeted links, I would have to blacklist 70+ people. That’s far too tedious.

Bottom line

Overall Readtwit looks very promising. I really like the concept and hopefully I can get some good use out of it. Existing blacklisting features are already helpful, but I’d like to see more blacklisting abilities. I’d also like to see whitelisting features. One thing is certain, Readtwit is worth it’s price and worth a try.

One thought on “Readtwit – Publish twitter links to RSS feeds

  1. Adam Benayoun

    Hey @ashlux,
    Thanks for reviewing our application.
    We’re planning on releasing in the upcoming week, few whitelisting feature that will allow you to create feed around your friends/family or certain individuals.
    Regarding extended blacklisting capabilities, we’ll take that into consideration when we pick the next features to be implemented.

    You can follow @readtwitapp to receive the latest news regarding our app.


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