Gmail spam filter fail, is it hitting you too?

By | August 24, 2009
As a food, spam is good

As a food, spam is good

I’ve been noticing an alarming increase in spam making it through Gmail‘s spam filters. After talking with a friend about it at lunch last week, I suspect I’m not alone.

Kevin C. Tofel asks Is Gmail’s Spam Filtering Failing For You, Too?.My answer is a solid yes.

Kevin talks about it taking him 15-30 minutes a day to mark items as spam between his two accounts. Over the course of a year (365 days) he will have spent somewhere 90-182 hours dealing with spam. Ouch.

My situation isn’t nearly as bad, especially since I have only one inbox. I’d estimate daily 1-3 pieces of spam make it into my inbox per day. Since I normally keep my inbox completely empty, it doesn’t take much effort to mark the spam.

The spam making it through Google’s spam filter’s appears to be pretty standard and obvious stuff:


Currently my spam folder has 17 pieces of spam caught in the last 24 hours with 2 pieces missed. That’s a total of 19 pieces of spam with Google’s spam filter batting 88.24%. Compared to my way old hotmail account, that rocks.

Perhaps I shouldn’t bother marking spam? After all, I’m currently using 946 MB (12%) of your 7362 MB. Go ahead and spam me, my email can take it! Besides, what if I started taking up an interest in zoophilia and exotic “seex” positions?

Up next: Twitter spam.

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